Friday, March 25, 2011

New Sculpture: 'Influential Pigment'

Thought I would give you a peak at some new work I have been up to recently...I have been working on this series 'Influential Pigment' for the last 12 months or so. I started the series with my paintings and after looking at everything hung in my studio, I felt like I needed something else in the space to work with. After countless hours of sitting and staring and contemplating in the studio, I was sifting through a plastic materials store online and I came across these fluorescent plexiglass sheets that blew my mind. After working with them and figuring out their qualities (a few failed attempts later...usually a sign you are doing something right) I made my own miniature huts out of wood and paper and constructed the plexiglass into a cube to surround them. In the process of changing the medium with which I was working, I found myself discovering even more about this series of work I had started.

Installation view: Sean Anderson 'Influential Pigment I' and 'Influential Pigment II' 2011

The process of creating in 3 dimensions brought me closer to the subject matter I had been painting. The wood and materials used to make the huts are taken from nature, and conversely, the world they are inhabited in is purely artificial...It is my hope that this equipoise of subjects is what gives the work life after being viewed. Enjoy. More to come soon...

Sean Anderson 'Influential Pigment I'

Sean Anderson 'Influential Pigment III'